Split Screen (2022)

for piano, keyboard, percussion, and drum set

Duration: ca. 7'30"

Dog Daze (2020)

for piano, toy piano, and melodica

Duration: ca. 1'

Drip Study (2018)

for violin and viola

Duration: ca. 2'30"

Tourbillon (2018)

for two cellos or cello and alto saxophone

Duration: ca. 3'15"

Without You (2017)

for soprano, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, violin, bass, and drum set

Duration: ca. 5'00"

Hurry Up and Wait (2016)

for violin, cello, clarinet, and piano

Duration: ca. 5'00"

Bottom Heavy (2014)

for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and drum set

Duration: ca. 7'00"

Liftoff (2014)

for flute, clarinet, trumpet, violin, viola, and cello

Duration: ca. 17'30"

Out of Step (2012)

for four double basses

Duration: ca. 6'30"

The Expanse (2012)

for horn and percussion

Duration: ca. 8'30"

Amalgamation (2011)

for violin, clarinet, piano, bass, and drum set

Duration: ca. 13'