Hurry Up and Wait (2016)

for violin, cello, clarinet, and piano

Duration: ca. 5'00"

Written for the Walden School

  • Premiere
    June 23, 2016
    Lauren Cauley, violin; Mariel Roberts, cello; Carlos Cordeiro, clarinet; Stephen Beck, piano
    The Walden School
    Dublin, NH

We often rush from place to place, only to find ourselves having to wait once we’ve arrived at our destination. The humorous phrase “hurry up and wait” describes this paradoxical situation, and is an apt metaphor for this piece. The music opens with rapidly descending and brightly orchestrated gestures that alternate with moments of stasis. A contrasting middle section presents an awkwardly swaying tune, which is then developed in combination with the original material. As the opening music returns in the final moments of the piece, we are reminded that we will never learn to take our time.