Janus Antics (2012)

an overture for orchestra

Full orchestra version: [2222/4231/timp/perc/str]
Chamber orchestra version: [1111/2100/perc/str]
Duration: ca. 7'30"
  • Grand Prize Winner of 2015 PARMA Student Composer Competition
  • First reading
    April 24, 2012
    The Baltimore Symphony
    Marin Alsop
    Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
    Baltimore, MD

A light-hearted and capricious dance for orchestra, Janus Antics conjures the two-faced Roman god known for looking forward and backwards simultaneously. Beginning seemingly from nothing, snippets of music build to a dance from a bygone era. This waltz flits from one key to the next while playfully shifting rhythms disguise the pulse. As the dance continues, it becomes more and more distorted, building to a wild and raucous climax. This climax dissipates quickly, however, leading to a return of the opening music. As the intensity builds once again, the listener is left to wonder if the dance will return triumphantly, or collapse back into nothing.