Deep Sleep (2018)

for orchestra

[2222/4231/timp/2perc/pno/str] Duration: ca. 7'15"

Commissioned by the Raleigh Civic Symphony

  • Premiere
    April 22, 2018
    The Raleigh Civic Symphony
    Peter Askim
    Stewart Theatre, NC State University
    Raleigh, NC

Deep Sleep unfolds as a series of dreams, the first melcancholy and persistent, perhaps suggesting the act of falling asleep. The second is more of an adventure, consisting of a spirited melody that recurs with ever-varying textures and orchestration. When this adventure seems to finally reach its climax, it turns sour and collapses back into the first, more melancholy dream, which starts rebuilding with slow persistence. As the piece draws to a close, a hint of adventure returns, only to be interrupted by the break of day.

Difficulty level: Medium, appropriate for most youth orchestras up through college orchestras.

Watch a performance by the Georgia Tech Symphony Orchestra on Youtube.