The Fire Beneath Premiered by Bozeman Symphony

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The second work to be commissioned as part of my role as the Bozeman Symphony’s Composer-in-Residence, The Fire Beneath was written in honor of Yellowstone’s 150th anniversary. I was fortunate enough to travel to the park in September 2022 with my wife and son to gather inspiration and take in the incredible sights. From mountain vistas, a vast lake, picturesque canyons, and rushing waterfalls, to bubbling mud pots, kaleidoscopic pools, and erupting geysers, to bison herds, bugling Elk, and howling wolves, it’s obvious why Yellowstone is considered the crown jewel of America’s National Parks. In a short six-and-a-half minutes of music I made my best attempt to capture the many sides of this singular place.

Over the course of the weekend the piece received four performances from Norman Huynh and the Bozeman Symphony, along with three more performances at family and education concerts.

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